It's a must for anyone who wants to learn more about, and be savvy in the world of investment banking.

- Judy Rosemarin, New York Post

I enjoyed the reading material - it is very good and simple to understand. I wish I would have read this before my MBA

I learned more by studying your guide this weekend than in the last three years of finance courses. Thanks, guys.

I was so impressed with your guide that I went and talked to the Chair of my Economics Department and told him that this is the stuff we should be learning for our students to be competitive for investment banking positions.

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Advanced Training Guide

The Advanced Guide is meant as a continuation of our Investment Banking Training Guide for serious corporate finance analyst and associate candidates. The Advanced Guide will provide you with in-depth knowledge of exactly what you will be doing on the job.

SPECIAL BONUS: In addition, as a special bonus, we are attaching an Excel file with all of the valuation and projection models used in the Advanced Guide. This will allow you to obtain a better understanding of modeling and how sophisticated financial models are created.

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   Section Summary
Chapter 1    Investment Banking Pitchbooks (3 Pitchbooks, 29 pp)
Chapter 2    Sample Prospectus (10 pp)
Chapter 3    Projected Income Statements (3 models, 11 pp)
Chapter 4    Valuation (Comparable Companies, Comparable Transactions, IPO Valuation, 2 DCF models, M&A, 25 pp)

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