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Review of Training Guide From New York Post:

Boy have Wall Street Advisors and Roberto Milk ever put together a wonderful resource. You can buy the book from their website that is 57 densely packed pages chock full of crucial information. It gives you more than just hints. It takes a look at the real world of business and examines how the 'tightly shut doors of Wall Street corporate finance' operate. It's a must for anyone who wants to learn more about, and be savvy in the world of investment banking. -- Judy Rosemarin, Career Editor, "New Grads, Now What?", New York Post.

Reviews of Training Guides From Our Clients:

Over the past year, our clients have received analyst and associate offers from the whole array of investment banks including Goldman, DLJ, Bear Stearns, Blackstone Group, JP Morgan, Prudential Securities, Lehman, Salomon Smith Barney, Montgomery Securities, Chase, Furman Selz, UBS, Oppenheimer, H&Q and Merrill Lynch. The following are e-mailed reviews on our materials. As we have put a lot of time and thought into our guides, it has been great to receive such positive feedback:

The Wall Street Advisors guide is not only an enjoyable read (even for non-industry folks), but it was also key in my success at securing a banking internship for the summer with a bulge-bracket firm. Especially as a student from non-finance geared undergrad school, I had to learn the banking mindset and lingo quickly!

This resource takes you through the stock underwriting process from prospectus to pitch in gritty, gripping detail; it also includes excellent descriptions of a bank's other functions, for example: issuing debt and providing M&A advisory. I found the WSA guide to be much clearer than other help books. That is, it was detailed without being overly technical.

Last but not least, the example Q&A, along with honest explanations, really allowed me into the minds of my interviewers. It's a cutthroat numbers game out there - polished resume-ready candidates at too many prestigious schools vying for the same few positions, so you'll want to be well-prepared. Don't hesitate: the earlier you read Wall Street Advisors, the better.

- Leiti Hsu, UCLA

I learned more by studying your guide this weekend than in the last three years of finance courses. Thanks, guys.

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I got my Lehman Brothers offer. I read every line in your guide and it worked out. The best investment I've made in my life.

I loved the training guide! I will be putting another check in the mail for the advanced guide. I need the experience of modeling with Excel. I took a course in corporate finance, but that was not directed toward the financial uses of Excel.

What a wonderful product you guys have! I downloaded my copies of the training guide and the advanced guide last night, and haven't been able to put either down. They are exactly what I've been looking for, and I can't thank you guys enough for making such a product available to those of us embarking on new careers in banking.

I just got offered an Associate position at Goldman! Coming from a legal background was tough, but I guess I really impressed them because I got the offer that day. Thanks for the info and the guides were great.

As you know, landing an investment banking internship is difficult enough, even if you are a junior undergraduate. So you can imagine how difficult it was this year as a sophomore undergrad to get an offer in IB. After reading the training guide, I really felt that I had an in depth understanding of what actually goes on at an investment bank and this allowed me to formulate intelligent answers and ask pertinent questions in interviews. With the knowledge I gained from the guide I was able to tailor my answers and questions so that I received the most out of the interviews, and the interviewer knew that I had knowledge of investment banking. The guide really is tailored for job seekers which gives it an advantage above the other investment banking books that merely tell what the industry does.

Dear Wall Street Advisors, It has been my first week on the job. All I read about in your guide seems to be true, it's an extremely demanding job where every single detail matters. The pressure is very high and mistakes are not acceptable. All week was like one day: I was coming home and could hardly make it to bed, I was just exhausted. Hopefully my second week will be better, I am learning a lot and already did comps analysis. However my spreadsheet skills needs to be improved ASAP. Receiving your advanced guide disk should help. I really need it. Thanks a lot for your help.

I was so impressed with your guide that I went and talked to the Chair of my Economics Department and told him that this is the stuff we should be learning for our students to be competitive for investment banking positions. Now, when I talk to other students that want positions in investment banking I just smile, because I realize they know so little about what its really about.

Thanks for spending the time to put such good materials together. The few other written materials available on the net are nothing compared to your stuff -- its obvious that you all were really bankers -- thanks for taking the time to write the guides.

Thank you for this site which seems to be the best site in the net, for me. I got the Internship. It was like you wrote -- they asked me why I wanna do this and then I asked them some questions. I mentioned the things you instructed. It was great, although I was realy nervous because of these hot shots. They were really grilling me. But now I'm very happy. Thank goodness there exists such a thing like an internet.

Things went well at Morgan Stanley. It was pretty rigorous, but nothing I wasn't ready for (thanks to your i-banking training guide and quite a bit of studying). Thanks again for an extremely professional product. Believe me, I had exposure to similar guides from your competitors, and yours was the most comprehensive and useful product available. I would be happy to give you as much detail on my day at MSDW as you like. Please let me know if I can offer any insight that might prove helpful with your future publications. For now, suffice it to say that I interviewed with 9 individuals at Morgan Stanley - 3 Analysts, 4 Associates, and 2 VPs. Overall, a very positive experience. The people I had opportunity to meet with were extremely professional, and of the highest caliber.

About the Author:

Roberto Milk is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Novica.com a company associated with National Geographic and founded in 1998 with the mission of aiding artisans and preserving ancient craft traditions. With over 100 employees and 7 international offices in Africa, Asia and Latin America, Novica has grown to become the leading site of its kind online. Prior to co-founding Novica, Roberto worked as an entertainment industry consultant and as an investment banker for Prudential Securities, where he helped raise over $1 billion in capital markets transactions, M&A transactions and venture capital financing. His investment banking experience in New York and Los Angeles served to fuel his interest in writing an insider's view into the secretive world of corporate finance for non-insiders. Roberto credits his investment banking experience as pivotal in giving him the knowledge and contacts to build a multinational company, and many of the original investors in Novica were friends and colleagues that he had met as an investment banker. Roberto is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). He received his A.B. in International Relations with Honors from Stanford University and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

As a result of the investment banking training guides, Roberto is especially proud to have helped put hundreds of students into corporate finance positions on Wall Street. He hopes you enjoy the guides, especially the corporate finance "War Stories" many of which are his own.

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